the faversham societyFormed in 1962, the Society is a Registered Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee working to preserve the heritage and fabric of the historic town of Faversham and its surrounding parishes. Created in response to modernization and the loss of historic buildings in Faversham, the Society aims to ensure that Faversham’s individual sense of place and outstanding heritage features are not lost.

Over 50 years of growth and development have shaped the Society into a complex business with many different aspects, most of which engage directly with the general public as well as with specialist researchers and enquirers. With over 1000 members and run entirely by volunteers, the Society is one of the oldest civic societies in the UK and much of its early work has since been replicated by other civic organizations, especially our Open House event.

kent police museumThe Kent Police Museum collects and cares for a large number of donated artefacts reflecting the rich history of Kent Police from 1857 until today. We aim to share this very important historical resource with the widest possible audience.

The collection includes uniforms, past and present policing equipment, crime related items, documents, a range of books and official records, as well as a large number of photographs.

The Museum is currently closed whilst plans and funding are put in place to create a completely new visitor experience at Faversham Police Station, our new home.

chart gunpowder millsFrom c1550 when Faversham Abbey instigated the first explosives production until 1934, explosives were one of Faversham’s main exports, with great demand from Chatham and Sheerness Dockyards, the Woolwich Arsenal and the Tower of London, as well as brisk European trade.

The gunpowder industry in Faversham reached its peak during the Napoleonic Wars when Chart Mills very probably supplied powder for both the Battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo.

fleur de lisMore than 2000 years of history stretch out, from Vikings to Victorians and beyond, in this fascinating heritage centre museum! Housed partly in a 15th century former public house, you will see the past and feel involved as the story unfolds of Faversham over the centuries. You will be entranced by the Victorian schoolroom and kitchen, moved by the WW1 & WW2 displays, the costumes and shop fronts delight and there is an amazing selection of sports equipment and information.

maison dieuThe Maison Dieu is a 13th and 16th century flint and timber-framed building of Grade 11* status and is in the Guardianship of English Heritage. It was once part of a medieval Hospital which gained royal patronage under King Henry III.

The hospital site included lodgings for royal visitors and for pilgrims on their way to Canterbury and to the Holy Lands. The building, once thought to have been a chantry priest house, is now run as a museum and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn the history of the hospital foundation and to see a collection of historic objects from archaeological excavations from the hospital site prior to the development of housing in 1977.