wheels of time

53 Kent Heritage sites in joint badge project

Wheels of Time is a badge collecting scheme encouraging the exploration of 53 Kent heritage sites for 5-11 year olds.

Join Roamin’ Rex, our time travelling character, as he discovers Kent’s fantastic museums and heritage sites.

Roamin’ Rex is on a mission to learn about Kent by following his trusty Wheels of Time map to different places. Why don’t you join him, and pick up each one of the 53 exclusive badges along the way?!

Children aged 5-11 visiting any of the Wheels of Time venues will be given a different badge at each site, showing the site’s logo or related picture. A map featuring the Wheels of Time mascot, ‘Roamin Rex’, guides children to all of the sites. Children can ask for a lanyard, to display their collection, when they visit their second site.

Children who have collected 10 badges will be awarded Roamin’ Rex’s ‘Bronze Award Badge’, those that have 20 badges will receive a ‘Silver Award Badge’, 30 badges with a 'Gold Award Badge', 40 badges with a Platinum Badge and those that collect all 53 badges a special 'Top Wheels of Time Award' Badge.

Roamin Rex’s map, showing all of the participating sites, can be collected from any of the sites, some Tourist Information Centres or downloaded from the Wheels of Time website, http://wheelsoftime.uk

Check opening dates and times for individual sites on http://wheelsoftime.uk

Wheels of Time is recognised as a Kent Children’s University Learning Activity, and many of the sites can give Learning Credits to children registered with Children’s University.

Badges are FREE. Normal entry fees to each museum or heritage site apply - check on http://wheelsoftime.uk Some sites are free to enter but rely on donations from visitors; please give generously.


Wheels of Time & Kent Children's University

Wheels of Time is a Kent Childrens’ University (KCU) Quality Assured Activity. Children registered with Kent Children’s University* can earn learning credits at registered sites. KCU registered sites are marked on Roamin’ Rex’s list of Museums and Heritage Sites.

If the site is Validated and listed on the Wheels of Time website, CU website map/App, there will be activities available onsite and the venues will issue 2 Learning Credits. These are the support materials for those NON-Validated Wheels of Time sites.

You can find more information about the Wheels of Time activity, as part of the KCU Challenge via www.kcuchallenges.co.uk

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